$750 Raised

Nyree Saxby

Every single day I see my youngest daughter Chloe in pain and I know that what she is experiencing now is nothing compared to what is to come for her if a cure for VWM disease is not found. Unfortunately I’m not a scientist or a researcher, but I will do everything I possibly can to raise the money to accelerate the cure for VWM disease to save Chloe and hundreds of other children around the world. After being completely healthy until the age of 3, overnight Chloe lost the use of her legs and after 8 months of testing, she was diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease, an extremely rare, degenerative and terminal brain disease. A bump to the head, high temperature, cold/ flu, stress or fright could kill Chloe. She is now confined to a wheelchair and VWM will next paralyse her little body to the point where she won’t be able to hold her head up, talk, see hear or eat. She will experience a lot of pain and suffering and die at a very young age if the cure for VWM is not found.

Supported by

$450 Mick & Terri Cuda (Micon Office National )

$100 Steve and Melasande Carey


$50 Carolyn Cowie