Monica Mudge

Myself and three other incredible women will be taking part in the Great Illawarra 40km walk to help support beautiful local girl Holly Burns and her incredibly amazing family who are currently fighting a massive battle.

Holly is one of the most precious, gorgeous little girls you could ever meet.
She is only 6 years old and has tragically been diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of degenerative brain disease called Vanishing White Matter Leukodystrophy and is terminal.

There is no known cure or even treatment to slow down its progression, but they are getting closer and they need our help.

Although hard to predict, Holly is expected to live only a few short years. Let’s help this family in their fight and hope for Holly.

Recent Activity

Tracy Holt Tracy Holt 09 FEB 2019 Incredible women $50.00 Donated
Simone  Scott Simone Scott 04 FEB 2019 Have fun walking $50.00 Donated
Jo Wyatt Jo Wyatt 03 FEB 2019 $20.00 Donated
Valeria Miassoedova Valeria Miassoedova 03 FEB 2019 $20.00 Donated
Patti Bartlett Patti Bartlett 03 FEB 2019 All the best to Holly and her family $20.00 Donated
Miffy Stephen Miffy Stephen 03 FEB 2019 Good luck Mon - another great initiative $30.00 Donated
Lyn Honan Lyn Honan 03 FEB 2019 $20.00 Donated
Melissa Buhagiar Melissa Buhagiar 02 FEB 2019 Good luck Moni, you always give yourself so selflessly, I am in awe of you xxxx $40.00 Donated
Cath Thistleton Cath Thistleton 02 FEB 2019 Great job as always Mon and good luck to Miss Holly 💗🌈🌟 $50.00 Donated
Margy Reed Margy Reed 02 FEB 2019 $40.00 Donated