Peter Hines

I will aim to run the majority of the course for Chloe... thanks for putting me in it Grant

Recent Activity

Alicia  Szoboszlay Alicia Szoboszlay 20 JAN 2019 Good on you for running for Chloe. Although I don’t know Chloe, she has touched my heart. My children ask how she is often and are always asking if we are close to a cure. I hope so. Well done and good luck Peter. $20.00 Donated
Catherine Benefield Catherine Benefield 19 JAN 2019 Good luck Pete! $20.00 Donated
Steve Paton Steve Paton 12 JAN 2019 Run Forrest, run 😜 $50.00 Donated
Kris Gardner Kris Gardner 12 JAN 2019 Great work mate $20.00 Donated
Hughes garage doors Hughes garage doors 11 JAN 2019 $100.00 Donated
Wilkhahn Wilkhahn 11 JAN 2019 You are my star x $100.00 Donated
Courtney Glen Courtney Glen 11 JAN 2019 Good luck! Your going to smash it $50.00 Donated
Evolve Property Anonymous 09 JAN 2019 $50.00 Donated
Cash Converters Cash Converters 04 JAN 2019 Good luck mate, wonderful cause! $50.00 Donated
Lorna Durlacher Lorna Durlacher 03 JAN 2019 Way to go you two!! Good luck love Lorna and Chris x $50.00 Donated